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Masks at Your Wedding: Get Creative!

Masks at your wedding? If in September 2019 you had been shown what life would look like a year down the line, it would certainly seem bizarre. With the world learning to adapt to life during a pandemic, it is slowly but surely becoming the norm for us all to be wearing masks in our day to day life. In shops, hair salons, banks, and now, as of 8th August, at weddings (excluding brides and grooms).

If your wedding day is on the horizon, masks might feel like a dampener on a day that’s due to be filled with smiles, so we encourage you to stay positive and think outside the box! Consider your guests’ masks as not only a protection of their health, but also another exciting thing to plan. Take the opportunity to get creative with it!

Right now, staying safe is paramount, so this blog will hopefully inspire you to enjoy staying protected AND beautiful on your special day.

Decisions, decisions!

Before any fun planning can happen, you will need to decide whether you would prefer guests to bring their own masks, or whether you will want to provide them yourself. If asking people to bring their own, perhaps you could encourage masks that will compliment or go with their outfits. Suggest this in your invitations and this could become a fun project for all of your guests. Masks are the new fascinators!

If you’ve got a specific theme or colour scheme for your wedding, or if you just love the idea of your guests wearing matching masks, then choosing the mask design yourself could be the option for you. Masks that compliment your chosen décor will not only look lovely on the day, they will make your wedding photos look great too. If you think the idea of 15 people all in the same design is too much, perhaps pick a few different designs that you like and that compliment each other. You could include images of the designs in your invites and ask guests to RSVP with their chosen design! Also, don’t forget about your bridesmaids – they will definitely need their own special masks.

Regardless of whether you have one design or a few, you will need to ensure that your guests receive their masks in the safest way possible. If handing out on the day, think about social distancing and having the distributor wearing gloves. Or, depending on your budget, you could pre-post them to the guests before the wedding. If choosing to hand them out on the day, we advise asking guests to come wearing their own mask and then swapping.

If you love the idea of pre-planning your own masks but aren’t particularly creative, don’t panic! A lot of people making and selling masks have plenty of their own stunning designs to choose from already. Search through until you find the perfect ones.

Handmade keeps the planet happy

Here at Outdoor Ceremonies we encourage everything that is eco-friendly and kind to our planet. Handmade products are great for the environment as they don’t require a large production facility such as a factory that pumps out nasty stuff into the air. Many people with a talent for sewing have been busy over lockdown hand-making gorgeous masks. Perhaps you already know a textile whizz who can create your masks, but if you don’t there are plenty to be found online. Keep in mind that ‘handmade’ can also mean a slightly higher price tag, but with only 15 people currently allowed at weddings, the cost shouldn’t be too overwhelming. Discuss pricing beforehand with mask-makers and find what suits your budget.

Our suggestions

Based in London, Emma Bundy at PassageOfThyme, Etsy has a wide selection of stunning handmade masks, made using vintage fabric with gorgeous patterns. She is also welcoming orders for bespoke masks that match bridesmaid dresses and other fabrics worn amongst the wedding party. All of her items are made on an antique sewing machine using zero electricity, so we love how environmentally friendly her shop is!


If you want to browse existing designs available to buy, we’ve compiled a short list of some of our favourite Etsy shops below. Remember, brides and grooms are not required to wear masks, but you may want to consider some just incase.

  • AnitasAccesorios white cotton face masks can be bought in bulk, with customised initials for each guest.
  • Jellyfrogclothing offers personalised, comfortable masks for guests as well as brides and grooms.
  • SaJoPartners has a lovely range of silk masks in different colours.
  • toocraftsshop has a stunning range of washable lace masks, for guests and the bride and groom.
  • Myangelgear has a stylish personalised range available for brides, grooms, bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  • We absolutely love this lace and silk range by PersonalisedByAlayna. Perfect for brides and bridesmaids!

Help out to… help out!

As well as being better for the environment, buying handmade masks will be a huge help to somebody. Right now when a lot of people are losing their jobs, furloughed or simply unable to secure work in their profession due to social distancing rules, we need to help each other. A lot of the people handmaking masks could just be doing it on the side as a fun project, but many could be doing it for their livelihood in these uncertain times. So any seamstress or seamster receiving your order will be hugely grateful. Now is the time to – metaphorically – hold our hands out and support each other. After all, we are all in this together.

Hopefully this blog will have lent a helping hand in the world of wedding masks. This is a new way of life for us all and things can understandably feel different and daunting. The key thing on the day is to remember what’s most important: that those you are closest to are present and safe to share yours and your partner’s magical day.

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